Asset Management

This workgroup, working in partnership with the Southern African Asset Maintenance Association, promotes utility infrastructure asset maintenance best practices in an international context. Convenor: Archie Jaykaran - Eskom         Participants

Revenue Management

This workgroup promotes the sharing of non-technical loss prevention practices and trends, between utilities in our region including legal, technical and socio-political aspects.
Convenor: Rens Bindeman - SARPA        Participants


This workgroup is focusing on addressing the electrification backlogs in member countries, bringing together expertise from utilities and technology vendors from our global family. Convenor: Chabeli Ramaisa - LEC        Participants


This workgroup deals with the impact that our activities and infrastructure have on climate, the environment, on communities, and on our staff. 
Convenor: Dr Troy Govender - Eskom        Participants


This workgroup is focusing on the drafting, publishing and alignment of standards relating to electricity distribution equipment across the African Continent. 
Convenor: Kgopisho MahunonyaneEskom    Participants

Conference Organising

The association hosts a conference every three years somewhere on our continent - bringing together members and stakeholders from across the globe.  
Convenor: Vally Padayachee - PIESA CEO    Participants