Established in 1998, the Power Institute for East and Southern Africa (PIESA) is a power utility association aimed at enhancing electrification in East and Southern Africa. It facilitates knowledge and technology sharing among electricity distribution stakeholders to benefit both suppliers and customers. PIESA also aims to stimulate regional growth by enabling economies of scale with local manufacturers and promoting sustainable technological cooperation in the industry.

Its strategic objectives include widening membership, fostering partnerships, initiating dialogue, adapting to industry changes, and supporting applied research. PIESA champions skill development and technology transfer, while maintaining an integrated information system. It advocates energy efficiency, promotes localization to empower regional industries, and is committed to minimizing environmental impact.


PIESA convenes various African electricity utility stakeholders for focused discussions in critical sectors. The Infrastructure Management group strategizes on power system maintenance and deployment for reliable supply. The Revenue Management team works on sustainable financial models for equitable pricing and efficient bill collection. Our Standardisation workgroup fosters regional operational consistency for efficient utility cooperation.

The Electrification group is devoted to expanding electricity access, especially in underserved areas, aligning with our mission. The Sustainability team ensures our operations and the industry's economic feasibility without compromising the environment. PIESA thrives on stakeholder collaboration and strategic planning for the region's electricity distribution industry's continual growth.