a.    PIESA Vision

PIESA’s Vision is to be the catalyst for sustainable regional technological cooperation in expanding the Electricity Distribution Industry and stimulating the electrification for regional growth and development.

b.    PIESA Principal Objectives

To stimulate the electrification of the region by:

1.    Broadening membership - participation from all regional electricity distributors and supporting industries

2.    Maintaining a centralised integrated information system for technology related to the distribution of electricity

3.    Developing mechanisms for the continuous capture of experiences of members to improve efficiencies (feedback loop)

4.    Encouraging the use of local resources and the manufacture of equipment for use in the distribution industry

5.    Optimising and harmonising technical equipment specifications and codes of practice for the regional environment

6.    Promoting applied research in areas that are relevant for the effective performance of the members

7.    Developing a culture of technology transfer and skills development among members

8.    Developing strategic alliances and partnerships in research, industry and manufacture and other similar organisations

9.    Compilation of standards and guidelines with the objective of minimising the impact on the natural environment

10.    Being flexible to the needs of an evolving Electricity Distribution Industry

11.    Facilitating dialogue relating to the Electricity Distribution Industry

12.    Promoting energy efficiency

13.    Operating, maintaining upgrading and refurbishment of assets cost effectively.

14.    Promoting occupational health and safety.    


c.    General TOR for all PIESA Advisory Groups

1.    PIESA Advisory Groups are to function as forums where members and technology partners can meet and discuss pertinent issues and agree on regional strategies and actions. members and technology partners can meet and discuss pertinent issues and agree on regional strategies and actions.

2.     Each Advisory Group will have a Chairperson to act as the convener, and be responsible, in conjunction with the PIESA Secretariat to call the meetings and set the agenda.Each Advisory Group will have a Chairperson to act as the convener, and be responsible, in conjunction with the PIESA Secretariat to call the meetings and set the agenda.

3.    A Deputy Chair is to provide continuity in the event of absence of the Chair from a meeting and a Secretary to provide an administration service for the Advisory Group such as agenda and minutes of meetings.

4.    Each Advisory Group will also have a ‘sponsor member’ who will have a particular interest in the terms of reference of the particular Advisory Committee.

5.    This ‘Sponsor’ shall be a member of the PIESA Board, and will be responsible to liaise between the Board and the Advisory Group and convey specific requests for agenda items from the board.

6.    Pursuant to giving effect to the above four advisory groups have been established as follows:

a.    Standardisation

b.    Electrification

c.    Revenue Protection (Non-technical loss reduction)

d.    Environmental and Safety management

7.    The participants are mandated by their corresponding utilities and a chairman is appointed to each Advisory Committees by the PIESA Board.

8.    The Advisory Committees may refer strategies and executable projects to any or all of the four advisory groups services secretariats

9.    Information flow and committee administration conducted by an operations manager situated in the general administration secretariat.

10.    In particular, terms of reference for the Advisory Committees would be to inter alia :

a.    Meet on a regular basis,

b.    Identify pertinent subjects,

c.    Debate and exchange information,

d.    Network with each other,

e.    Develop regional plans, strategies and initiatives,

f.    Share experiences and best practices

d.    The mandate of the PIESA Electrification Advisory Group (“PEAG”)

1.    The PEAG has a mandate to assist for and on behalf of PIESA in ensuring the secure and sustainable provision of electrical energy in the PIESA member countries for socioeconomic development through the effective and efficient rollout of electrification programmes or projects.

2.    The mandate will be executed according to and being cognisant at all times PIESA’s stated vison and principal objectives

3.    The outputs in the execution of PEAG’s mandate will be primarily on an advisory basis to the PIESA leadership


e.    TOR for the PIESA Electrification Advisory Group (“PEAG”)

1.    The activities, deliberations, etc. of the PEAG shall align to the aforementioned PIESA vision and principal objects vision and principal objects

2.    Focus on relevant programmes, projects, etc that will increase “access to electrical energy” by end users

3.    Electrification policies, regulations and procedures setting and/or recommendations

4.    Electrification masterplans

5.    Grid and non-grid technologies

6.    Electrification programme and/or project management

7.    Investigate innovative trends, and engage regional and international experts on the subject of effective electrification rollout

8.    The upskilling, training, development and mentoring of human resources that will be necessary to ensure the availability of skilled, qualified, experienced an competent personnel to successfully execute the various electrification related projects

9.    Evolving business models to facilitate and/or enhance the effective and efficient rollout of electrification projects

10.    The effective and efficient use of “block chains” to enhance the rollout of electrification projects

11.    Facilitate appropriate and/or relevant collaborative or cooperation partnerships or relations with other stakeholders with respect to the PEAG mandate

12.    Facilitate and/or conduct industry or sector scans in the context of executing on the PEAG’s mandate    


f.    Key performance areas for the PEAG

1.    Meet at least twice per year.

2.    Annually conduct at least two case studies  

3.    Endeavour to produce at least two electrification guideline documents.  

4.    Arrange relevant field trips that will further expose PIESA members to good practices in respect of electrification rollout in PIESA member countries


g.    PEAG members or participants participants

1.    At least one representative from each of the PIESA member countries and PIESA affiliates

2.    The governance structure of the advisory group shall consist of the following:

i.    Sponsor

ii.    Chairman/Convener

iii.    Deputy Chairman/Convener

iv. Secretary