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The Power Institute for East and Southern Africa (PIESA) is a voluntary regional power utility association established on 28 February 1998.

The PIESA aims to improve electrification in East and Southern Africa through sharing information, research, technology, skills and experiences for the benefit of customers and suppliers in the electricity distribution industry. The main focus is on technical rationalisation to achieve economies of scale with local manufacturers in an effort to enhance electrification in the region.

The PIESA is a legal entity with the capacity to enter into contracts and to perform in a manner that is necessary to attain its objectives.

Membership is open to electric power utilities in East and Southern Africa, manufacturers, suppliers of equipment, researchers, academic institutions, investors, financiers and other associations who wish to participate in the PIESA’s activities.

The PIESA is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from each participating utility. The prime responsibility of the Board is to determine the objectives and direction of the PIESA.


The PIESA’s core activities are conducted through its four Advisory Committees:

Members currently include electricity distributors from the following countries: DRCongo, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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